A Guide to Negotiate the Best Deal on a Pre Foreclosure or Foreclosure

Foreclosed properties can become more appealing to people who are looking to buy a new home in the market. It is easy to get a listing in the neighborhood that would either within or out of the price range that you have chosen. But you must not be tricked by properties that look like the best deal. Buying a pre foreclosure is something people must seriously evaluate before they go for shopping or looking for an offer. People have to know how foreclosure property differs from real estate, where to look and what options they have. When purchasing a pre foreclosure a person will be communicating with the bank or lender who owns the property. If the numbers seems good, the owners will make the property deal.


Different kinds of foreclosure properties

People must understand the kinds of foreclosure properties. There are several stages of foreclosure as well as several entity types that may be included in the possession of a property during the process of transaction.

  • During short sale or pre foreclosure the owner still has the control over the property. The owner of the property has prevented to make timely disbursements and he or she will be negotiated with the creditor to sell the property below the market value. The owner will vacate the home after signing this shot sale agreement.
  • Homes do not sell during the first or pre foreclosure stage. Sometimes, owner of the property may not be interested to remediate or sometimes the lender will not like to execute the short sale. In such case, the home will moves into a foreclosure property to be sold at auctions. Usually, auctions are conducted by a trustee, sheriff or any other neutral third party.
  • If a property is failed to sell through auction, it will come under the complete possession of the creditor and thus, it will become owned by real estate.
  • Government owned property is another type of foreclosure. This seems to be a slow process as it involves several paperwork when compared with other foreclosure transaction types.

Where can you find foreclosed homes?

The different kinds of distressed properties are found on several sources. People can conduct a simple Google search for foreclosure homes or auction homes. Then they will get a list of consumer focused sites. The best way is working with a real estate agent who is specialized in making foreclosure home sales. Since the foreclosure transactions are different from real estate sales people might someone with them to guide through all twists and turns included in the process. An experienced agent will know many people in this industry from mortgage banks, lending institutions and other real estate agencies. Most often the agents work with the banks and traditional lending institutions to handle real estate owned properties. If you are looking for a foreclosure property to buy, you can also check the country courthouse or online public records to get a listing of different types of foreclosures available in the country.


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